Sean Clement

Game Review: Rocket League

I've been playing Rocket League for a little while now and I have to say - it's a great game. I tend to stick to shooting games (Destiny/COD etc) however Rocket League is a welcome change - it's different. It can get a little frustrating when you jump to early and completely miss the ball (or puck) and the other team take advantage but that's a user 'error' and not a game error.

One thing that I do like (I only noticed it about 3 weeks in) is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) - when a player leaves mid-game, RL stick in a temp AI player until a real player joins. It can get a little annoying as every time some leaves (real or AI), there's a little explosion where - if you are close enough - the screen 'rattles' and if you're aiming for the ball ready to block a shot-on-goal - you can jump too early (or too late).

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