Sean Clement

Game Review: Rocket League

I've been playing Rocket League for a little while now and I have to say - it's a great game. I tend to stick to shooting games (Destiny/COD etc) however Rocket League is a welcome change - it's different. It can get a little frustrating when you jump to early and completely miss the ball (or puck) and the other team take advantage but that's a user 'error' and not a game error.

One thing that I do like (I only noticed it about 3 weeks in) is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) - when a player leaves mid-game, RL stick in a temp AI player until a real player joins. It can get a little annoying as every time some leaves (real or AI), there's a little explosion where - if you are close enough - the screen 'rattles' and if you're aiming for the ball ready to block a shot-on-goal - you can jump too early (or too late).


I was in one game where the AI was on the goal line ready to block a shot but then the explosion came and a real player joined - costing that team a goal.


There's only one improvement that I can think of and that relates to the message "Not connected to Rocket League servers" - if you are like me, you'll have a couple of games and then you'll go off and do something else - away from your Xbox - leaving your controller to eventually turn itself off due to inactivity. When you come back to playing - you go to find a game but you get the red bar under the search area that tells you that you're not connected to the RL servers which fair enough, you haven't touched the controller for a little while but why doesn't it re-connect you? The only way that I've found to re-connect to the servers is by quitting the game (Dashboard -> Start -> Quit) and re-launching it which is a little annoying as I just want to pick up my controller and join a game.


Rocket League is a great game and is definitely worth the money - I hope that when Rocket League implements cross-platform games, that they create a new game mode for Xbox VS PSN players.

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